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Daily Announcements

  • Forward Exam testing continues today for eighth graders and tomorrow for seventh graders. We are still running a Friday Schedule (1,2, St, 3…) each day this week. A handful of things additional things to remember: remember all of the tech tips shared last week (charged chromebook, wired earbuds/headphones, etc), remember the Mission and Vision we’ve discussed all year is about you and this is one of those times it will be important to put forth your best effort and rise to the challenge!
  • HS friends are doing some testing today. Please be extra quiet in the halls and near their rooms.
  • All phy. Edu. classes, please bring your Chromebooks to phy. Edu. today.  Thank you!
  • A message for students and staff: as we start another full week at LCMS let’s all remember that our actions and our words have meaning and they have impact. Let’s resolve to treat each other as we would like to be treated. Remember to take care of ourselves, each other, and this place.
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  • There will be performances of the Missoula Children’s Theater in the auditorium today. This means there will be a significant amount of traffic in the main hallway all the way down to the music department and in the auditorium lobby. Also, the Fine Arts are up in the same area. When it’s possible, please avoid those areas throughout the day. 
  • All Phy. Edu. Students, please bring your Chromebooks to the gym today. Thank you! 
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